bog03 It is a great honour for me to be elected as the new President of ASHRAE Sri Lanka Chapter for year 2017-18. Having served as BOG member for couple of years and as the President Elect for the last term, I have witnessed the hard work and dedication required to fulfil this role of Presidency. Therefore, first of all I would like to thank our former Presidents for their contribution and dedication by holding this noble position of the Chapter. Since ASHRAE shapes tomorrow’s built environment today, we mainly have to focus this year on strategies to educate and make aware of our members on Green building concepts and guidelines for achieving energy efficiency, water management and indoor air quality and also sustainability within the refrigeration & Air Conditioning industry. We as a team will seek and embrace collaborative efforts with organizations, agencies, and individuals sharing our commitment to sustainable built environments. Therefore, we have an important role to play as a nation and as responsible Engineers in getting us back on the road where HVAC&R plays prominent role today.. In this context, as Engineers we have to review our thinking, our process and our projects to start building a new era in HVAC&R sector. We need a more holistic approach towards Value Engineering, Research and Development. We need sustainability skills, environmental and other sciences, economics, if we are to be truly leaders in National Recovery. We need to create new role models to inspire our young engineers to have that truly integrated talent to meet the challenge. We need to create a new public accountability for our actions as HVAC&R Consultants, Engineers, Project Managers and Contractors for the society that we serve. Above all as ASHRAE members we need to serve the Public Interest, be honest in our dealings and ethical in our business approach. This is your opportunity to give a little back to the chapter that has benefited you in a variety of ways. We want your input; we need your idea’s so our chapter can reach its full potential. I am sure that all members will support me to achieve my aspirations and goals during my tenure as you have supported to my predecessors. Eng. Mahendra Senevirathne President ASHRAE Sri Lankan Chapter 171