Message from the President 2018-2019


To be elected as the president of ASHRAE Sri Lanka Chapter for the year 2018 / 19 is indeed a great honour. Having been a member of the BOG at the formative years from the very first BOG, I note with appreciation the progress made by ASHRAE Sri Lanka Chapter. This certainly is due to the dedication of my predecessors and all members of the BOGs and committees. I am greatly humbled by the thought of fitting in to the shoes of my predecessors. With the help of the current BOG members in particular and all members of ASHRAE Sri Lanka Chapter in general I will do my utmost to do justice to the trust placed upon me by the membership.

ASHRAE being the Apex world body for HVAC industry has been the leader and the pathfinder. Most of the standards used in the industry are formulated by ASHRAE. We as members of this very powerful society must make the best use of it to improve the standards of the HVAC industry in Sri Lanka.

ASHRAE has encouraged all those involved in the HVAC industry to look at Indoor Air Quality, Energy efficiency, Comfort Conditions and Commissioning among many others. The responsibility of all of us, as members of ASHRAE, is to uphold the values ASHRAE is inculcating in the members. Many aspects and standards of ASHRAE is being used and practiced in Sri Lanka at present. This has resulted in the improving of the standards of AC systems in general. We still have a long way to go. It is also observed that Commissioning of systems, particularly 3rd party commissioning, is not taking as much as it should.

I therefore wish to propose that we, members of ASHRAE Sri Lanka chapter, dedicate this year to implement 3rd party commissioning of systems among other standards of ASHRAE. This is believed to help the client to ensure that the system proposed by the consultant actually is installed and also for the consultants to get a very accurate feedback on the system performance.

In conclusion I would like to solicit the support and cooperation of all our members, particularly those who have been involved with ASHAE and are familiar with all the procedures and systems to make this year a very successful one for the Sri Lankan chapter.

Wijitha Perera
President ASHRAE Sri Lankan Chapter 171