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Message from the President-Elect 2013-2014
Message from the President 2013-2014
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Eleven years have passed since chartering the 171 Sri Lankan chapter and I am honored to have been selected again to be the President of the chapter for year 2013/2014. Last year under the presidency of Wimal Jayakodi and his team, we were able to organize the Region At Large Annual conference for the first time in Sri Lanka.
It is my sincere pleasure to serve this chapter as the president elect on our 11th successful year. I am pleased to support the chapter President, the BOG and the CC to carry out their goals successfully this term. There are many events planned for the membership and the HVACR community in the coming months.

Rapid development of technology serves to highlight the skills gap today in the HVAC industry. In many areas the traditional technology is being superseded by new technology, such as microprocessors, building automation systems, inverter technology, magnetic bearings, high efficiency compressors & new refrigerants etc.

Though we have been conducting various training programs, everyone is aware still, there is serious shortage of skilled air conditioning & refrigeration engineering staff that can do a quality job with minimum of supervision. We should continue to address this problem by searching for new modes of training and education that is relevant to our current industry needs. The training should be assessed by measuring the participant competence at various stages and employer feedback. The course content can be revised accordingly.

We are updating our 171 chapter website ( and hope to make it more user friendly and informative. Please visit the website for chapter information and updates of regular events in the future.

I am confident we can continue to serve the membership and the industry with unstinted dedication from the volunteer team members this term. I am expecting dedication and hard work from the incoming officers & the rest of you members to accomplish our goals to make the current year a success and move the chapter forward. These activities in turn should reward you in the enhancement of our knowledge, professional growth & the service to the community.

Each one of you is a valuable asset to our chapter. Therefore as always we welcome any proposals & constructive criticism that will progress our chapter objectives, especially from participating members.

Considering our current financial status, this year we are looking out for a fixed abode for our 171 chapter activities.
Finally I look forward to working together with all of you again in the coming year for a mutually beneficial future.

Pandu Amarasinghe
Sri Lankan Chapter 171

We have already taken steps to revive the existing student branches and also to charter a new student branch at the Open University of Sri Lanka. This will help students in many ways to join the industry and to expand their knowledge in the field of HVACR.

There are many issues on the table to be discussed with the government and relevant authorities, and we intend to work closely with them to achieve our goals for the betterment of the industry as well as increase our membership.

Social responsibility, honours and awards and the annual get together are also important events in our agenda and this year apart from our normal routine we look forward to exclusive participation from our membership with solid proposals inspiring us to serve you better.

I sincerely thank the membership of our chapter for appointing me as the president elect and look forward to serving with dedication to take the chapter forward unabated.

Wimala Goonaratne
President Elect
Sri Lankan Chapter 171

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