Message from the President 2016-2017

Dear ASHRAE members and non-members, I wish to bring this message to the membership of the ASHRAE Sri Lankan Chapter 171 in particular that I will do my best as the leader of the chapter for the session 2016/2017 to promote chapter activities positively towards the aspirations of the majority of the membership.

It is highly encouraging to note that the enthusiasm shown by the new and young members at the Annual General Meeting in May 2016, with the best participation at recent times. This made me possible to suggest young engineers to show their capabilities by becoming members of the chapter committees and getting to know about chapter operations.

The assurance given by University Academics and leading equipment suppliers at the AGM of their whole hearted support is a great encouragement for me lead the chapter for the benefit of the membership and the HVAC industry in Sri Lanka.

I also admire the efforts made by Outgoing President Mr. Kapila Rodrigo and the successes he gained in such endeavours to promote the standing of the chapter among other chapters in the society. I wish to have his continuous involvement in such activities and necessary support for me to do better.

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Message from the President-Elejct 2016-2017

Dear ASHRAE members and non-members, I am privileged to forward this message as the President Elect for the term of 2016/17 and it is a great honour for me to hold this prestigious post of ASHRAE Chapter and therefore I extend my sincere gratitude to all our members. First of all, I would like to pay my tribute to our chapter Past Presidents whose great amount of work over the past years has contributed promoting ethical standards of our Chapter at the highest level

Since ASHRAE shapes tomorrow’s built environment today, I will mainly focus on strategies to educate and make aware of our members on Green building concepts and guidelines for achieving energy efficiency, water management and indoor air quality and also sustainability within the refrigeration & Air Conditioning industry. We as a team will seek and embrace collaborative efforts with organizations, agencies, and individuals sharing our commitment to sustainable built environments.

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